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This 12-week program includes virtual classes, group coaching, a private support group, and so much more to introduce you to the tools and strategies needed to permanently lose weight. Losing weight can be fun, not depriving or restricting, and joyful!
Are you ready to finally be free from dieting cycles? Are you ready to lose weight, once and for all? For THE. LAST. TIME?
Then come and join me at “Joyful Weight Loss”.
Join all the others who have savored what it truly means to live a life free from food slavery. 

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What is Included?

 This 12-Week Virtual Program Includes:

  • 12 Weekly virtual classes 

  • 12 Weekly coaching calls

  • Exclusive Food Plan Revisions

  • Access to Private Facebook Support group

  • Additional Community Support

  • Instant Access to 24/7 Ask Cris support

  • Eligibility for Monthly Membership Program

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