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I lost 50 pounds…and have kept them OFF!
All while working full time and being a mom of three little ones.
I can teach you to do the same!

With no crazy diets nor restrictions!

“I am on a mission to teach you that losing weight can be EASY, SIMPLE, FUN and DELICIOUS!”




I am a physician life coach in Tyler, Texas who finds passion in serving people. I grew up in Puerto Rico where food and mealtimes were the heartbeat of our homes. I grew up in an environment where not cleaning your plate and not getting seconds were frowned upon, however, having a slim body was glorified and expected. I had always been the "chubby" child and for as long as I can remember had been on a diet. I have done them all! I had lost the same 50 pounds 2-3 times and was exhausted of dieting....until I found life coaching.

Life coaching set me free from food drama and from dieting. I have lost all my weight and have been able to maintain it for the last 2 years. I am a foodie and I even own a bakery catering Hispanic flavors to the people of East Texas. I have learned how to still enjoy cooking, sharing, and eating the foods I love while still losing permanently that extra weight I had carried for years.

That is why I am on a mission to teach you the same tools that helped me so you can accomplish it too! If you are struggling to lose weight, tired of yo-yo dieting, and want to lose weight in a fun, easy and simple way, you are in the right place!

- Cris


I am a life coach certified through the Life Coach School in order to provide the latest developments in helping you get on track! I am also an experienced lecturer giving dozens of medical and instructional presentations. Renew your mind and chart your path with me by your side!

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I am an advanced certified weightloss coach who is passionate about helping you achieve your goals. I combine mindset skills with helpful, practical steps to keep you on track during your weightloss journey. 

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Dr. Cris has helped me learn how to process my thoughts and feelings in a healthy way which has significantly improved the way I think about myself, my relationships with my family and friends as well as my decision making. She is kind yet fully speaks the truth. She has helped me transform my mind to see myself as Christ sees me. I highly recommend her!

Deirdre Leung

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  • Tips for Planning Ahead, Meal Prep, and Staying on Track During Travel

  • Self-Assessment Questions to Help You Clearly Identify Problem Areas

  • Step by Step on Successful Meal Planning 

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